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"What Do You See"

NEW Interactive Abstract Art Series

Local contemporary artist Meg Krakowiak, best known for her vibrant use of colors and texture, is excited to introduce her new interactive series “ What Do You See?” The new collection was purposely created to allow the viewer to search for their own meanings in the work. Just as in life, people can be a part of the same relationship, situation, etc. but have completely different interpretations.

“I’ve always been intrigued by human perception. Individual differences in perception describe the unique factors such as environment, culture, needs, and desires that effects our images of our world.  I wanted to explore that phenomena and bring it to the canvas.” - Meg Krakowiak

To accomplish this goal Meg has created this abstract series. Each canvas begins with broad stokes of texture, mindful of design principals, focal points, lines, and composition.  Layers of color are washed in letting the shapes and images emerge. Constantly rotating the canvas while creating allows for a dynamic piece that can be hung from any side of the canvas. 

“I want to share the joy of original art and help people get involved, I think it’s important to look at art and take the time to let it speak to you. I’ll rotate the canvas and challenge the viewer to use their imagination.” - Meg Krakowiak

Meg currently owns and operates Meg Krakowiak Gallery & Studio on historic Palm Avenue in downtown Sarasota, FL. Predominantly self-taught, Meg was initially inspired and influenced by Van Gough’s colors, Monet’s soft layers and Degas’ rich texture. As a mother of three, Meg’s passion to bring life to paint and canvas started while her young children would nap. From that point on, she would take any opportunity available between carpools and soccer practice to study and create different techniques. When you enter the gallery, the walls are covered with a vast array of brilliant colors and the joy from each painting jumps off the walls.

“Art makes me feel good, it’s that simple.” - Meg Krakowiak

The upcoming series, “What Do You See?”, will be opening on March 2nd at Meg Krakowiak Art Gallery and Studio at 60 S. Palm Avenue, Sarasota, Fl. During “Palm Avenue’s First Friday Walks” from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

Email: Info@ProItOut.com

Call: (941) 323-7754